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Custom Orthotic Therapy

A full range of foot orthoses are available at the clinic. All orthoses are custom made for the individual patient and treatment includes a full biomechanical examination, gait analysis and joint evaluation.

Minor Surgery

A range of minor procedures are performed in our clinic under local anaesthesia. The most common of these are removal of ingrown toenails, removal of skin lesions, and foreign body extraction. All surgery is performed under aseptic conditions using appropriate sterile procedures and instruments.


Sports Medicine

If you’ve suffered a lower limb injury as the result of exercise or sporting activity, come and talk to me. My job is not to prevent you from playing sport but rather to work with you to get you back to optimal fitness as soon as possible. Treatment may include orthotics, exercises, stretching, prescription and taping.



All podiatry work including nail maintenance, removal of hard skin, treatment of skin disorders is performed in our clinic. The assessment of your neurological, vascular and skeletal systems is part of our service.


Diabetes checks

If you are suffering from diabetes it is recommended that you book in for a separate diabetes check bi-annually in which we monitor the blood supply to and from your feet, changes in sensation and mechanical structure and increased plantar pressure and skin nutrition in the lower limb.

Doppler ultrasound

Doppler ultrasound is performed to ascertain the health of your arterial supply and an ankle-brachial index, is also measured and recorded.

Foot and ankle injuries

Our clinic routinely treats foot and ankle injuries with varying degrees of severity. Whilst major injuries should always attend a hospital in the first instance, we are experienced in treating sporting injuries such as ankle sprains, stress fractures, removal of embedded foreign bodies, and repair of minor lacerations/cuts


Children's feet

Children are frequently seen in our clinic for management of foot pain, gait and postural anomalies, flat feet, skin conditions and recurrent nail problems.